Sales Training Questionnaire
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How often do you or your company participate in sales training? *
Which department in your company handles training? *
When doing sales training do you work with an internal trainer or third party external trainer or training company? *
Will you or your company conduct training in-house or send people to training company facility? *
Do your sellers and sales managers participate in creating the sales training curriculum? *
Who is the best sales trainer or sales training company you have liked working with the most? *
How much do you or your company budget for training per seller each year? *
What is the typical cost per day you spend on sales training when hiring an outside sales trainer? *
When hiring an outside sales trainer what areas of focus do you have them address? *
What parts of the sales process do you want your sales trainer to spend the most time on? *
If you checked "other" above, please note what you look to have your trainer focus on *
What CRM do you and your company use? *
Do you have an in-house CRM administrator? *
Do you or your company have a content marketing program in place? *
If you have a content marketing effort in place, what Sales Marketing Platform do you or your company use? *
Have you heard of or use Account Based Marketing (ABM)? *
How often do you host larger customer events to reward, educate or say thank you? *
Do you have seller recognition or sales contests programs in place today? *
If you do have seller recognition programs / sales contest in place what have you found to be most effective reward to motivate sellers? *
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