People’s Petition to FCA and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE)
October 2019

We, the undersigned, acknowledge the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) have included additional Air Quality Community Benefits in the Permit to Install No. 14-19 for the Fiat Chrysler (FCA) expansion project. The permit “Response to Comments” document states “The permittee (FCA) shall work with the City of Detroit, through the Community Benefits Ordinance to identify additional projects for the community surrounding the facility. Some examples of additional projects may include the installation of filters at area residences and local schools or fence-line monitoring.”

Therefore, we urge FCA to include all of the following recommendations and projects, and respectfully request that EGLE only approve FCA’s Environmental Plan if these are included:

Donating 1. AT LEAST $12.5 MILLION into the PUBLIC HEALTH FUND and directing those funds to support protections and public health education for vulnerable populations around the project. $7.5 million will support the estimated cost of filter installation in 10 large, 15 medium and 10 small buildings, and $5 million will support ongoing public health education.

2. AIR FILTRATION SYSTEMS and 3. AIR QUALITY MONITORING AT LOCATIONS WITH VULNERABLE POPULATIONS– Head Starts, K-12 Schools and senior buildings; ensuring that filters and monitors are maintained over time. Air Filters can reduce exposure to pollutants for vulnerable populations. Ongoing off-site and mobile monitoring will support the protection of populations around FCA and should be placed in locations that are determined in consultation with the community.

4. VEGETATIVE BUFFERS/TRAFFIC MITIGATION – Trees, green space, speed bumps and the redirection of traffic can make an impact on pollution concentrations from the facility and increased truck traffic. However, it takes time for trees to grow and the benefit to indoor air quality, where children spend most of their time, is uncertain. Note: Filters can provide immediate reductions in exposure for vulnerable populations and should be prioritized (see above).

5. TRUCK ROUTING – Increased FCA and supplier truck traffic to and from the plant is expected due to the increase in production. Truck routing and the mitigation of safety and environmental risks should be determined and regularly re-evaluated in consultation with community organizations and public health experts.

6. REGULAR COMMUNITY MEETINGS in partnership with local and environmental organizations, to give updates on monitoring data, receive community feedback, and engage with residents on public health issues on a regularly scheduled basis.

These are six of the most frequent recommendations coming from residents in community meeting and discussions.

Thank you for your consideration.

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