Houston Cares Dog Foster Application
***Thank you for applying to become a foster with Houston Cares. We are a volunteer foster based organization and without you we could not exist. In order for us to process your application we need accurate information. Please take your time and answer each question thoroughly. If you encounter problems submitting this application, please email: fosters@houstoncaresrescue.org. *** Houston Cares loves when fosters remain fosters! It is hard to find fosters and we want fosters to remain on the foster team. We understand that sometimes it's hard to let your animals go. If you need support during this process, we can help you through this.*** We are also happy to help with any fostering questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to us for help (and when you join our team you will also join our very supportive private foster only Facebook group- if you don't have a Facebook account consider setting up a dummy account just to join, it's that good!). This is a partnership and we're happy to have you working with us. Please remember that our foster program is usually full and if you are no longer able to foster we need time to find your animal a suitable foster home- please give plenty of notice. ***Remember when you part with your foster animal, you are allowing their love to enrich someone else's life and opening a spot to save another life! ***Thank you for fostering!***
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Your first and last name: *
Your age: *
You must be at least 18 to apply to foster. If you are under 18, please have someone over 18 complete the foster application.
Names AND ages of everyone else living in your home: *
This is important information because some animals do well with children and some do not, some are more fearful of men or women, some are large and jump up while others are very well mannered for people of any age, etc. We hope to help you find a great match for your home and family!
Your street address: *
Your City and State: *
Your Zip Code: *
Your Phone Number: *
Cell phone preferred
If you are filling out this application to foster a specific animal please put the animal's name and any needed info here:
For example you saw an animal posted on our site in need of a foster or you have found an animal in need of a foster and want to enroll.
If you plan to only temporarily foster, what is your end date?
Do you currently have a time planned when you will need a back up? If so, tell us about those dates:
Have you ever fostered an animal before? If so, what organization did you foster for and what type of animal(s) did you foster? (If not, write n/a.) *
If you fostered before with Houston Cares (or Westbury CARE), when did you last foster?
Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent please check all landlord restrictions before deciding to foster.
List all animals currently living in your home (please list type, breeds, ages, and genders and if they are owned or fosters). (If none, write n/a.) *
Ex. Dog, Poodle, 8 yrs old, Female, Owned
Are your current pets vaccinated? *
Are your current pets spayed or neutered? *
Do you have any fostering restrictions? (If not, write n/a.) *
For example: Can only foster small dogs, can only foster a specific gender, can't foster specific breeds, can only foster puppies, can only foster seniors, can only foster for short periods of time, etc.
Where do your current pets stay during the day? *
Where do your current pets stay during the night? *
If you do not currently have pets or have pets but plan to keep your foster pets with a different set-up than your current pets during the day or night, please provide more information on where your foster pets will stay during the day and night (if the set-up will be the same as your current pets please write n/a): *
How many hours a day will the animal be left alone? *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
Do you have experience with training and/or socializing an animal? Have you house trained a dog before- if so, what method? (If no experience, write n/a.) *
This is the dog foster application. If you are also interested in fostering cats please let us know so that we can add that to our information. *
I understand and agree that I have no rights of any kind, including property or otherwise, whether I know or do not know about these rights, whether the rights exist today or at another point in time, to any animal that I foster for Houston Cares, and the animal is the sole property of Houston Cares. *
I agree that to the extent I may have a right to an animal that I foster for Houston Cares, I agree to give up and transfer any and all rights of any kind, including property or otherwise, whether I know or do not know about these rights, whether the rights exist today or at another point in time, to Houston Cares. *
I agree to provide care for the animal(s), including food, water, and shelter. *
If fostering a dog, I agree to keep the dog indoors as an indoor pet, unless going outdoors to the restroom, on a walk with a leash, or other outdoor event under the direct supervision of the foster, throughout he time I am the foster. I understand that CARE does not use outside foster homes and dogs cannot be left outdoors unsupervised by me when I am not home. *
I agree to administer medication to this animal only as directed by Houston Cares or its veterinarian. If I am unable to administer needed medication I will contact Houston Cares. *
I understand that the animal is a stray or abandoned animal(s) and that Houston Cares cannot guarantee the animal’s disposition or health. *
I understand and acknowledge that if I decide to adopt any animal that I foster I must comply with the Houston Cares adoption procedures, including submission of an adoption application and pay the current Houston Cares adoption fee. *
I understand that Houston Cares considers adoption applications in the order in which they are received. If I decide that I want to adopt the animal, I need to submit an adoption application and will be considered as any other applicant in the order in which applications were received. Houston Cares does not back out on potential adopters if a foster parent decides they want to keep the animal after someone else has submitted an application. *
I understand and acknowledge that I do not have any right or authority to place any foster animal(s) in another home or with another individual without approval from Houston Cares and that Houston Cares, not the foster, reviews and makes decisions on all adoption applications and adopters. *
I agree that I will not place any foster animal in a home or with a person other than my own home or with myself without approval of Houston Cares. *
I understand any potential adopter or foster must follow Houston Cares' foster and adoption procedures. *
I agree to return any foster animal to Houston Cares upon request. *
IF I foster a cat, I agree to keep the cat(s) indoors at all times. *
IF I foster a cat, I agree to keep the cat(s) indoors at all times. *
If I foster a dog, I agree to abide by Houston Leash Laws when the dog is outside and never let the dog wander. When outside, the dog will always be on leash or in an enclosed secure yard that has been checked to ensure it is secure. *
If I foster a dog, I agree to keep on the dog at all times a collar with Houston Cares tag. *
I understand and agree that I will not release a Houston Cares animal into a shelter or loose on the streets at any time. *
I agree to allow Houston Cares to visit my home while fostering any animal. *
I understand that any items given to me by Houston Cares for the foster animal (including but not limited to, crate, bedding, leash, collar, etc) are the property of Houston Cares and must be returned to Houston Cares when fostering of the animal is complete even if I adopt the animal. *
I agree to “Hold Harmless” Houston Cares and indemnify Houston Cares from all claims, liabilities, and/or damages caused to person or property by a currently enrolled Houston Cares animal while I am the animal's foster. *
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