2019-2020 TCES Walker/Biker Waiver Form
All students who would like to walk to or from school must have a waiver on file. Please submit one form per child prior by August 16th, 2019. Once your child's waiver is complete, he/she will be issued a 2019-2020 walker tag. If you have any questions, please contact the TCES front office at 803-548-8282.

Please fill out one of these for each of your children that will be walking/bilking to school.
Student Information
Child's Name (Last Name, First Name) *
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Homeroom Teacher *
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Grade Level *
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General Information
Please list the address your child will be walking/biking to in the afternoon. *
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Please list the name of the sibling or neighbor responsible for walking/biking home with your child. *
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Please check the statement that best answers how your child will get home each afternoon. This will also tell you which exit he/she will use at dismissal. *
When your child walks/bikes home, how will he/she be allowed to do this? (Students in Kindergarten - Second Grade must be accompanied by an older sibling or adult/guardian). *
Inclement Weather Policy
It is our goal to make sure all of our students arrive to and from school safely. In the event of inclement weather we communicate with families of walkers/bike riders by sending an email and all call from Blackboard, our messaging system. Once the message has been sent, your child must use the alternate mode of transportation chosen below.
Please select your child's alternative transportation in the event of inclement weather. *
If you answered Bus Rider in the question above, what bus will your child ride?
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Parent Signature
As the parent/guardian, I recognize that the school's responsibility for the safety of my child does not extend beyond school supervised areas during the walk/bike ride home.Signing below indicates that I understand the walker/bike rider procedures and I've chosen an alternate transportation in the event of inclement weather. I also understand that my child(ren) could lose their privilege to walk/ride their bike to and/or from school if they are observed walking to or from a parked car. Children and families are asked to refrain from playing outside the school after dismissal. Children are asked to go directly home. To ensure student safety, car riders must follow our car rider procedure.
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