The Amazing Race!
Use Google Earth to find perimeter & area of rectangular landmarks across the land! Extra nice when you can't leave your house, eh?
Get your materials ready!
You are about to "race" around the world to find the perimeter and area of famous rectangular landmarks. You will need writing materials and Google Earth installed on your machine. (There are tutorial videos at for refreshers, if you need them!) Remember: this is supposed to be FUN! So, don't get too stressed out if you get stuck. Unlike in regular class, you can complete this form while sitting around in your pajamas. If you decide to tackle it in little chunks, you'll want to keep your work handy so you have the answers you need to proceed to the next 'leg' of the race. Good luck, little peanuts!
What is your name? (This is not official business--it is just for me to have the fun of seeing who is participating in this little race!)
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