LandBase On-line Survey
Welcome to the Landbase Survey. We are based at Monkton Wyld Court and are seeking to discover the level of demand for practical, land-based training courses that deliver new or improved skills to interested people. It is relevant to experienced land workers seeking to improve their skill base and also new entrants looking for an introduction to the skills and training required for such work. Any information you provide will be used solely for planning exciting and useful courses that would meet your needs. Your response is completely anonymous and no personal data is collected or stored.
You may come to this survey more than once, as we are supported by a variety of organisations promoting small-scale agriculture, forestry and food production. We apologise for any cross posting, and would ask you to fill in the survey once, ignoring any further requests. This will keep the results high quality and help us to process information more efficiently.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. The Landbase Team
Are you seeking to gain skills in small scale agriculture or horticulture?
What level of skills are you seeking?
Have you been able to gain the skills or tuition you seek elsewhere?
What region are you based?
What is your level of experience of land-based work/activity?
What motivates you to be involved in land-based activity or work?
Whatever your level of experience, would you be interested in learning activities to provide you with...........
Which type of learning/training best suits your needs?
Which area are you most interested in aquiring new or improved skills
How far would you be prepared to travel to such a learning event?
What length of training event would most suit you?
How much would you expect to pay per day for such a training event ? (Inclusive of board and/or lodging)
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