Blossom Festival 2021 Application - COVID Marshal
In order to provide a safe environment for our patrons, we require suitably trained COVID marshals onsite to assist with assuring our COVID-19 safety requirements are met. We are looking for enthusiastic and reliable volunteers to assist in this area.

COVID Marshals will patrol the event, keeping an eye out for participants and event management practices to assure that the requirements of our COVID-19 Safety Management Plan are being adhered to. You may be required to report incidents to event management or security to action.

To be eligible to be a COVID Marshal, you must meet the following criteria:
1. Must be over 18 years old;
2. Complete the COVID-19 awareness training provided by Aspen Medical; and
3. Produce a National Police Clearance not more than 12 months old.

Access to the required COVID-19 Training is available here:

Should you not have a valid National Police Clearance, Blossom Festival will cover the cost of obtaining such clearance. However, applicants who already have a clearance will be considered before others that do not.

We are still finalising the finer details with regards to the required shifts, however COVID Marshalls can be expected to volunteer 2 x 4-6hr shifts (or less)

All volunteers will be selected based on availability and experience.

If you are a successful volunteer, you will be required to pre-purchase your ticket at a special volunteer rate. You will then be able to work off your ticket by completing your allocated shifts.

We appreciate and respect the time and energy provided by our volunteers and we hope you understand that as a young festival, we very much rely on volunteers to make our event viable and to help our festival and community grow in future years.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions stated within this application. Dates for opening and closing of applications will be available on our website Please do not contact us requesting an update on the progress of your application prior to the application closing date.
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