ADU Referral Program
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Receive CASH When your Referral Buys at All Dressed Up...
1) Register a Bride.
2) That Bride buys her Wedding Dress at ADU.
3) Get a check in the mail.

*Bride spends $300 - $499 YOU receive $25.
*Bride spends $500 - $999 YOU receive $50.
*Bride spends $1,000 - $1,499 YOU receive $75.
*Bride spends $1,500 or more YOU receive $100.

See "Simple Guidelines" below for rules and restrictions.
Simple Guidelines
*The Bride cannot register herself.
*You must register the Bride right here on this form BEFORE the Bride schedules an ADU Bridal Appointment. A bridal appointment is defined as trying on ADU Bridal Gowns at ADU with the help of an ADU Sales Consultant.
*Each Bride referral can only have one submission, and thus only one submitter payout. The first person to correctly submit this form is the official referral submitter. All forms are time stamped upon submission and the submitter will immediately receive their answers to this submitted form via email, from Google. You are welcome to call ADU to see if you are the official referral submitter for any specific bride, however, we will not call to notify you of this.
*By referring a Bride on this form you are granting All Dressed Up the right to share your name, the Bride's name, and the Bride's Wedding Date with people inquiring about the identity of submitters. Personal addresses and phone numbers will not be shared.
*All Pink Bridal Show attendees (of which ADU participated) are excluded from this program for a period of 3 months. As it is there are two Pink Bride Shows per year, each 6-months apart. This provides a 3-month window of fair-game show-going Bridal registration, just before the next show. ADU is not participating in the Jan 2020 Pink Bride.
*The Bride MUST have a Wedding Date, listed below. This date must match the date submitted by the Bride at her ADU Bridal Appointment. This date must be the actual Wedding Date. The Wedding Date cannot change between this form submission and the purchase payoff day.
*The referral payout will be sent only after the dress is paid in full. And because this is a matter of confidentiality between the Bride and ADU you will not be given specific information about the balance and payment details. However, you are welcome to call ADU to discover if the total has been paid so that you can receive your referral payout.
*Without notification, referral payouts will be mailed 7-14 days from the purchase payoff day.
*Employees can only register Brides who have not yet entered ADU in search of a Wedding Dress or contacted ADU via phone or email in search of a Wedding Dress.
*The "Bride spends" amounts shown above are dress totals before taxes.
*The "Bride spends" amounts shown above are for one item, specifically a Bridal Gown, and does not include additional shopping cart items.
*The referral payout will be made out to the name you provide below. (cannot be the Bride)
*The referral payout will be sent to the mailing address you provide below.
*All referrals prior to this program are excluded.
*As needed, ADU reserves the right to make changes to this Referral Program.
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The Bride may use a nickname so please list all possible alias names, first and last, so you can get credit.
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Bride's Wedding Date *
Remember, if this date changes it will nullify this submission. Of course you can submit another form with the correct date.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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