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Midland Schools would like your input on how to best handle AMI days moving forward after Spring Break. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can prepare what's best for the students. Thank you for your time.
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Each day, approximately how much time does your student(s) spend completing AMI assignments? *
Does your student(s) have all the materials and supplies needed to participate in the AMI learning activities? *
If not, what does your student(s) need?
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Do you have internet access at home? *
If yes, what type of device does your student most often use?
Does your student(s) need help with AMI Assignments? *
If your student needed additional help with an assignment, how do you best communicate with the teacher? *
Does your student(s) need a device at home to help complete AMI Assignments? *
Please share any ideas or suggestions to help improve our AMI learning.
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