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Dear Reader,

You can help your favorite authors by becoming part of their street team. This is a tough business and I’m sure you know that authors who become bestselling authors do so through word of mouth.

If you've read any of my books and are interested in helping to support my writing journey, I'd love to have you join my street team. This is a special group of readers who’ve joined forces to help promote my books. We call this group Susan's Secret Socialites.

I know many of you already share and promote my books. I see posts on Facebook and receive emails from you. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled about your support and I’d love to encourage you to continue to spread the word.

In the group, which is set to secret on Facebook, you’ll be able to give your opinions about possible new covers, receive first glance at cover reveals and read exclusive excerpts, some of them of my current work in progress. Plus receive free swag and new releases.

Street Team membership is open to all my readers. Here are some things that you can do as a team member. You can discuss my books with your friends and family. Promote by posting and mentioning my books on Facebook and Twitter. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

To be more specific, here are some simple things to help spread the word about my books:

Discoverability is one of the biggest problems an author faces. Finding new readers is one of the most effective ways of boosting sales. Reviewing and rating on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads is invaluable, and is very much appreciated. Honest reviews and ratings can boost a book’s placement in searches, and that increases sales.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. A friendly recommendation can do wonders. Whether online or in person, I encourage you to recommend my books to someone who you think might enjoy reading it. Who knows, maybe they will read it and then recommend it to someone else and in turn, start recommending on their own. If you are a member on Goodreads, another simple, and huge plus is the Recommend This Book feature they have there.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever platforms you prefer. Retweeting and Sharing my posts, news, contests, sales, interviews, blog posts and more, all help to get an author’s name out.

When an author has a new release, it’s the sales during the first week that drives the title higher up the best seller lists and gives more people a chance to discover that author. It’s during the first week of release that the push is needed the most for a book to be seen by the most people. Plus, it is rumored that it’s the sales on the first week that determines a book’s placement and possibly hitting the big lists: NY Times Best Seller’s List and USA Today.

Distributing swag, like bookmarks for example, from your favorite author to people you think would enjoy the author’s work is another way to help promote. Please, never force swag on someone, and please never leave a bookmark in another author’s book at a book store. It’s always best to leave a positive impression.

As a member of Susan Griscom’s Street Team…
You’ll get first view of new releases, cover reveals and exclusive contests only open to street team members. You’ll have the chance to win books, gift certificates, etc.

You’ll enjoy an exclusive membership to Susan’s Secret Socialites secret Facebook Group Page where only those invited have access. You can discuss strategies that work. If you want the rest of the group to get involved in a promo post you've made for me, feel free to ask them. Maybe get together for a fun lunch or a glass of wine or coffee if you live near one another, or make plans to meet at an upcoming conference. If I happen to be going to that conference, then there’s no telling what sort of fun we will have.

Now that you’ve read all the rules. Rules? I didn’t see any rules. That’s because there are no rules. Just fun. All you need to do is fill out this street team form and I’ll be in touch. On the form, be sure to tell me what books of mine you’ve read and reviewed. A link to your review is helpful. I won’t judge your review, I just want to see that you’ve read one of my books. If you haven’t read any, then you might want to. Otherwise how will you know whether or not my books are any good? I wouldn’t want anyone promoting an author they have not read. But if you do want to join, and you have't read any of my books, that's okay too. I can use all the help I can get.

This is a fun group and I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable doing. Every little bit helps. Even one line reviews.
Thank you so much for your interest. And thank you for reading!

I appreciate each and everyone of you and hope you will join me in supporting my writing journey. I can't do it without you! ♥

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