2017 STEAM Fest Volunteer Application
We need good people to help us produce a completely awesome STEAM experience!
1. First Name
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2. Last Name
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3. Age
We need each adult 18+ to complete their own application. It's a database thing so thx for understanding!
4. Kids and Family Volunteering
If you said you want to bring your kids, awesome! Please just list your kids' first name and age, so we can assign you the family friendliest role possible.
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5. Volunteer Waiver
The Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest is an event dedicated to connecting people to new science and arts experiences. These activities can be dangerous (e.g., sharp stuff, hot stuff, slippery stuff, things you could trip on, and just lots and lots of people milling around). You are responsible for your own belongings and yourself and your minor children who might accompany you. You also acknowledge that your photo may be taken by Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest and/or by visitors and posted on social media or utilized in marketing materials without any compensation to you.
6. Email Address
This is a requirement so we can easily reach you
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7. Telephone Number
Required so we can call to confirm your participation.
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8. As STEAM Fest continues to grow, we have a handful of on-going and immediate event-related roles to fill. Please indicate your interest in these opportunities below. We'd love to have you join the team!
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9. Please let us know if any of these statements apply to you, since they could impact where we put you to work.
10. In addition to English, what languages do you speak proficiently?
If we needed translation services, we might call on you!
11. Which day(s) can you work?
Please check all that apply
Morning(s) - 9:45am to 1pm
Afternoon(s) - 12:45pm to 5:15pm
Late Day (3pm to 7pm)
I have flexibility starting now, Call me!
Friday, April 27th
Saturday, April 28th
Sunday, April 29th
12. Adult T-shirt Size
All event volunteers get a snazzy STEAM Fest t-shirt to wear. Please check your size
13. Kids T-shirt Size
If you plan on volunteering with your kids, please provide their first name and children's t-shirt size (S, M, L youth sizing, or if you need adult sizing for them, please just indicate)
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14. Do you have any particular skills or talents that you would like to offer to assist us with designing and putting on the greatest event we can?
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15. Comments or suggestions?
We're always open to new ideas and thought-provoking innovative concepts. Or even a simple suggestion to make sure we cover the details that matter to you. Let us know!
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16. How did you hear about us?
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Thank you! Please be sure to hit the SUBMIT button below.
We're excited to work with you!

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