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Check all the items below that apply (Hint: See an Advisor for help with answers!):
I have received the Greenhand FFA Degree (First Year Member)
I have satisfactorily completed at least three agricultural education courses at or above the ninth grade level
I am or will be enrolled in an Agricultural Education course this school year.
I have participated in the planning of at least 3 FFA activities.
I have earned and productively invested at least $150.00 through my SAE efforts OR worked at least 45 hours in excess of class time, or a combination thereof.
I have effectively led a group discussion for 15 minutes.
I have demonstrated at least 5 procedures of parliamentary law (A list of motions can be found at: You can also see an advisor for help.)
I have a C grade average or better.
I have participated in at least 10 hours of community service.
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