Craftsbury Area Coronavirus Needs & Volunteer Sign-up
As the coronavirus arrives in Vermont, it will take a village to help each other through. Luckily, we have a great one! We are coordinating a public response to protect and support each other and be sure that people have the help they need.

>>> Do you need help? Or someone you know? Then this form is for you.

>>> Would you like to volunteer or help support others? This form is also for you.

>>> Do you have a medical emergency? Please call 9-1-1.

>>> Do you have a question about what's happening in town? Call Susie Houston at 586-2873 or visit The town website will post regular updates.



We all need to help reduce the spread of the virus by staying home. Together, we need to make sure that all community members have what they need to stay home, whether sick or healthy. That's where this survey comes in.

We don't know exactly what people will need yet. But please sign up if you're interested in helping in some way. Signing up now is not a commitment to help. We will follow up with you only if we have a need that matches your interests.

If you need help, we'll do our best to get you assistance or information. We cannot commit to helping everyone who asks.

This form was created by the Craftsbury Neighbors Task Force (which includes members of the town government, fire department, local churches, and community organizations). One or more volunteer readers may see information that you share here, but we will not distribute your personal information to organizations or potential volunteers/requesters without your consent.


Thank you so much for looking out for each other and keeping us safe.

Kris Coville, 586-8022, (volunteer/need coordinator)
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