Westwood Forward: A Petition Calling for Subdivision and Increased Representation
Join the coalition of students, University representatives, business owners, renters, and homeowners calling for the subdivision of the existing Westwood Neighborhood Council to create a new North Westwood Neighborhood Council.

Existing Westwood Neighborhood Council:
- Website: http://www.wwnc.org/
- Boundaries: http://www.wwnc.org/boundaries/
- Agendas & Minutes: http://www.wwnc.org/agenda-minutes/

Proposed North Westwood Neighborhood Council:
- Proposed Boundaries (in blue): http://tinyurl.com/NWNCBoundaries

We are Westwood Forward.

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If you do not live within the proposed boundaries, please provide the (non-P.O. BOX) physical address associated with your North Westwood stakeholdership. (EX: if you're a UCLA student or employee, you could list 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095)
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By checking the box below, you verify that you understand that by signing onto this petition you are consenting to support the creation of a North Westwood Neighborhood Council via the subdivision of the existing Westwood Neighborhood Council [http://www.wwnc.org/]. *
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