Tell Camden and TfL what you think of the bottleneck on Finchley Road
In June, Transport for London replaced a lane of traffic outside the O2 Centre to widen the pedestrian walkway. This has created a bottleneck that has caused considerable congestion and therefore increased journey times, rat-running, and additional pollution.

Camden Conservatives expressed deep reservations about it then, even though we were under the belief it was temporary. However, it is increasingly not looking that it will be, as TfL won't remove it until Camden asks it to. Residents had to force Camden to request TfL removes the bottleneck it created on Parkway in Camden Town - which flooded quiet roads with traffic - and it looks like that might be needed on Finchley Road too.

We want your views so we can represent the majority of public opinion on this. If you agree with us that it is has caused more harm than good, let us know. If you disagree... let us know too! Camden Conservatives are keen to hear all experiences so we know how best to serve you.
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1. Do you support or oppose the current narrowing of Finchley Road?
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2. Do you think that the narrowing has increased, reduced, or not changed traffic on your or nearby roads?
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3. Do you have any further comments about this change to Finchley Road, including any evidence or testimony as to its impact, or any further comments about traffic or transport in the area?
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