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Thank you for your interest in booking Groove Madison for your small event. If you have any questions regarding what is included at Groove Madison, please call or text Ru (Groove Madison Owner) at 608-852-2734.

By filling out the following form, you are indicating that you are fully ready to commit and book the space.

Pricing is as follows:
(These rates include sales tax but no add ons like photobooth, projector, HD TV, Bluetooth, etc.)

To book the space for 3.5 hours - $221.55
To book the space for 4 hours - $253.20
To book the space for 4.5 hours - $284.85
To book the space for 5 hours - $316.50
To book the space for 5.5 hours - $348.15
To book the space for 6 hours - $379.80

WEEKDAY (After 5 PM)
To book the space for 3.5 hours - $184.63
To book the space for 4 hours - $211
To book the space for 4.5 hours - $237.38
To book the space for 5 hours - $263.75
To book the space for 5.5 hours $290.13
To book the space for 6 hours - $316.50

Remember to include your set up and clean up time in the hours you rent. There is an overage fee of $120 if you go over the five minute grace period past your contracted end time. Please plan well to avoid this fee.

Weekday hours 9 to 5 PM have no minimums and are $50/hr.

If you require a photobooth, you may add it for $49/hr. Minimum photobooth rental is 1 hour. It includes a professional camera & lighting set up, attendant, open air concept photobooth & backdrop, unlimited 2x6 photostrips for you and your guests, custom designed strip to go with your theme, and a digital montage set to music with animated intro. We also provide props & play back the photos on loop on the HDTV for your guests to view during the event.

As a small business, we take great pride in our space and we love to have every client leave happy!

Please fill out the form below once you are certain that you would like to book the space.
We will get a contract drafted and an invoice sent to you right away.

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A birthday party at Groove
Baby Shower Diaper cake centerpiece at Groove with teardrop backdrop
Beach themed bridal shower at Groove
What is the full name that should be listed as the LESSEE on the contract? *
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Event Date (mm-dd-yyyy). *
How many hours will you rent the space for? For Weekdays Monday - Thursday 9 AM to 6 PM, we do not have a minimum rental period. During these weekday hours, you may rent for as little as one hour. We sometimes allow 3.5 hour minimums dependent on the date, please inquire for availability by texting us at 608-852-2734 for approval. Otherwise, there is a 4 hour minimum rental period. *
Time of Event (Please include set up and clean up in the timing of the event). PLEASE PUT START to END TIME IN FULL. *
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What is the appx guest count? (Full capacity is 60. We have seating for 43 with additional standing room of 10-12 at cocktail tables as well - if you desire full 60 seated you may rent from Event Essentials or similar company) *
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Do you require any add ons to the contract besides venue rental? Please select all that apply. *
We try not to move the wooden tables in the room due to how heavy they are. All other parts of the room can be rearranged without a fee. If you require movement of the wooden tables, there is a $50 set fee. Do you require movement of the wooden tables? *
If you require a photobooth or slow motion video booth, how many hours would you like it for? Write 0 if you do not have either. *
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What is the address of the LESSEE? *
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What is the cell phone number of the LESSEE? *
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What type of party will this be? *
Please state the name of the event as you would like it to appear on a sign. For example "Kate's Bridal Shower" or "Welcome Baby Smith!" or "Lily's 50th Birthday!" *
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Do you want to have a SINGLE premixed cocktail at the party? If so, what is it? We only allow these on case by case basis. Please let us know what it is and we can include it in the contract, if approved. As a reminder, we do not allow a full bar, or kegs in the space. The cocktail must be premixed in a self serve large drink dispenser and cannot be mixed individually at the space. *
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We send an invoice with an option to pay electronically online via check or send in a check over mail. We understand that some people cannot do cash/check payments. If absolutely necessary, we can add in a credit card payment option. We do charge a 3 % fee on the transaction. Do you require a credit card payment option (and agree to 3% upcharged fee)? *
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