2018 Greene County Girls Camp - Embrace the Race
Staff Registration
Camp Dates: July 16th - July 20th 2018
Approval and placement of all Cabin Leaders and Staff will be at the Camp Leadership Team's discretion. This screening is requested to help provide a safe, secure environment for camp.

Camp Fees: $70.00 These fees help cover the expense of room, board, t-shirt, insurance, and supplies. We ask our volunteers to view this week of camp as a local, short-term mission project. Children of Staff Fees: $40 this includes Kid's Campers, Daughters-in-Service, and Sons-in-Service.

Cancellation Policy: If canceling 2 weeks before camp, a full refund will be given. If cancellation occurs in the 2 weeks prior to camp, 1/2 refund will be given. If cancellation occurs the day camp begins, no refund will be given. This is due to expenses already incurred.

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We teach that the following are wrong and in direct violation of God's Word: the use of illegal drugs; premarital sex, and homosexuality. Can you represent that to the campers in your words and current lifestyle? *
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