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We would like to give someone free restaurant rent for a year. We’re hoping this helps someone in the restaurant industry who has been hurt by this Covid situation. My wife and I bought the historic 1896 building in the charming little town of Willow City 15 miles north of Fredericksburg, Texas on the famous Willow City Loop. The building was home to “Harry’s” which back in the day was a Top 50 Texas Monthly BBQ and Beer joint which would be great to get back to or Farm-to-Table, a breakfast cafe, taco shop, etc. The building and 2 acres was in bad decay so we’ve worked the last few months getting it in great shape and were wanting to rent it to someone for a restaurant serving the large area between Fredericksburg, Johnson City, and Llano where hundreds of thousands of people visit each year and a great community exists. One of the hardest Covid-hit industries has been restaurants and a lot of folks are really suffering from it. These are great people who work so hard and constantly serve others. We want to give someone in that industry who has been negatively affected by this situation a free year of rent. We don’t know if we can find someone this will help or not, but we’re going to try. This needs to be someone with the experience to run their own restaurant who has the ability to be successful starting and running a new operation on this property. It will be their restaurant – we’re just giving them the space. If you’re interested please fill out the form including the negative impact Covid has had on you personally, and a summary of your restaurant experience. We will get through this. We’re all in this together!

You can see more photos here:
Front of Restaurant in Willow City, Texas on the Willow City Loop
Aerial of the 2 Acres in Willow City, Texas
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