High Island ISD - Online Learning Application and Commitment
Online Learning Program is an option for families who, even with all the preventative measures in place, do not feel comfortable sending their children to school, especially children who are medically fragile. Online Learning is delivered completely through a rigorous virtual and self-paced (asynchronous) instruction. At the high school level, course offerings include core content courses, Pre-AP, and AP courses, and electives. All required courses for graduation will be offered.

Enrollment is through an online application. Applications will be open July 28, 2020, through August 10, 2020, via Google Doc form.

Students must remain in the online program for a minimum of one grading period before transitioning, if they choose, to move back to the Traditional School plan.

Internet and computer access are required during the school day Monday through Friday.
Parental support and supervision are necessary for a student to be successful. Special education services as determined by an Individualized Education Plan.

High Island ISD’s Online Learning is designed to meet the educational needs of students who choose to learn from home. We strive to duplicate course offerings in both physical and virtual settings. The traditional grading system will be used for Online Learning, including GPA and class rank.
Last Name *
First Name *
Date of Birth *
Student Identification Number *
Grade Level as of August 2020 *
I understand I may switch to the Traditional School program at the end of the grading period. *
I understand that if I have questions or concerns I need to call my school counselor and my Online Facilitator. *
I understand that if I do not complete all schedule course requirements when they're due I may not receive credit, this also includes any requirements a Teacher may set. *
I have internet access at my residence. *
I understand that progress reports will be emailed home every 3 weeks and a reply is required. If no parent emails available progress reports will be mailed. *
I understand that if I fail an online course I may be ineligible to re-enroll or enroll in another online course. *
I will notify my Online Facilitator if I have problems with my course, technical difficulties, or computer access/navigational difficulties immediately. *
I will follow all school rules and be in dress code when I appear on camera for my classes *
I am committed to taking online courses and will make a concerted effort to keep up with the pace of the course, to participate in classes, and to complete all course requirements. *
I understand and agree to invest the time necessary for the successful completion of my courses. I am aware that the number of hours required to complete online courses is similar to the number of hours required to complete traditional courses (to include both times in-class/online and the time out of class/offline on assignments, projects, and testing requirements). I understand that the online program is contingent on my effort and home support. *
I understand that anything I do online with respect to my courses can be retrieved and printed at any time by the school staff (administrators, teachers, technology specialists). *
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