Writing Equations
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After watching the Yay Math video on this concept, take this quiz to see how much you've learned! See the results right when you're done, AND, there's even an option to send the results to an email of your choice. Good luck, no pressure, and YAY MATH!

Would you like to share this quiz with others whose first initial thought when you say, "Write equations?" is, "Oh wow yes please, let's get started right away." Good news, here is the shortened link: https://forms.gle/9NrdHwogoxAyQH4N6
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Please match the math term with its appropriate math meaning. *
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"The perimeter of a regular hexagon is six times the length of each side" translates best into which math equation? *
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"Three times the sum of x and y" translates best into which math expression? *
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2x³ – 10 translates to: *
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8 + x/5 translates to: *
(Please check all correct answers.)
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Suppose dog food sells for $30 per bag, and that cat food sells for $25 per bag. What equation could we conjure from this information? *
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