Atholton Media Center Orientation
Welcome to the AHS Media Center! To allow the media team to support your reading interests and provide resources for your class assignments/projects, please respond to the questions in the survey below. We truly value your thoughts so feel free to elaborate when prompted.
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When I am reading for personal enjoyment, I prefer to...
Thinking about the question you just answered above, can you provide a reason for your choice?
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What is the title(s) of your favorite fiction book(s)? OR What did you read during the summer? OR Provide the title of a book you would like to read.
Please share as many books as you wish.
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When researching information for a classroom assignment, the first thing I do....
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What is a database?
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Raider Time in the media center is open for students who want to work on assignments, read, or play games like jenga, checkers, chess, colored pencils/coloring books, cards, etc. What games/activities would you like us to have in the media center?
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Share something you learned at the orientation today that will be useful to you this year.
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Please let us know any of your thoughts or share any experiences regarding the media center....
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