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Thank you for joining or renewing your membership with Napa Moms! Everything with an asterisk* is mandatory, there is a link to a totally optional survey at the end that will be completely anonymous and will be used for us to get info on metrics for potential partners.
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Endowed by the Hartford-Sharma Family to provide access to Napa Moms for all
I understand that my child's/children's participation in any Napa Moms activity or meeting is completely voluntary on my part, and thereby give my permission for them to join in those activities. I shall hold Napa Moms, its volunteers and representatives, and/or providers of the meeting/activity location free from liability or responsibility for any accident, illness or injury that occurs during or as a result of those activities. I accept that the final responsibility for my safety and that of my child/children, rests with me. This applies to any and all future meetings or activities I attend. *
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