Helping Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Find Employment: What Do Parents Want to Know?
If you've moved from fighting for school inclusion for your child with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fighting for workplace inclusion, tell me what kind of resource you wish existed and what you'd find useful. I'd like to put together something to help my kids and yours, and this is sort of an exploratory beginning.—Terri Mauro,
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What would you like to see on a site/resource for parents about employment for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities?
If you are interested in interviews with employers and employment professionals, how would you like them presented?
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What level of involvement would you like to have with such a site? (Theoretical, no commitment)
Share a little, if you like, about your young person's current employment situation.
What have been your biggest successes in employment-seeking for your young person?
What have been your biggest failures and frustrations?
If you'd like to get in touch to discuss this possible site/resource, leave your e-mail or other contact info here.
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