Lowcountry VegFest 2018 Application
We are excited to partner with you for LCVF18! A few notes before you begin:

1. All exhibitors will be required to use a 10x10 tent. Tents cost about $100 to purchase from your nearest hardware store. Or you can rent a 10x10 tent, one 6 foot table, and 2 folding chairs from Amazing Event Rentals (ARE) for $150. Call Lyndsay Koonts at (843) 837-5090 to let her know that you'd like to rent this package, pay ARE directly, and your items will be delivered on event day. You must let Lyndsay know that your rental is for Lowcountry VegFest 2018 so that you are not charged a delivery fee.

2. We request that you please not use balloons to decorate your booth space. Deflated balloons are dangerous to sea life.

3. We request that you use compostable serving ware (cups, plates, utensils, etc.) if possible. Brands to consider are: EcoProducts.com, Fabri-Kal.com, VegwareUS.com, EmeraldBrand.com, BioPlanetProducts.com, Leafware.com, SustyParty.com, WorldCentric.org, GoodStartPackaging.com - thank you! Local residents have become very active in their avoidance of plastic straws and plastic single-use bags. Please plan accordingly. We are here to help if you have questions.

4. Please remove your excess garbage with you at the end of the event. Anything that doesn't naturally fit in the provided trash bins is considered excess garbage.

5. We ask that you stay until the end of the event at 5pm. We are providing added entertainment until 5pm to keep the park energetic until the last minute. The event runs 10am to 5pm. Set up begins at 8am.

6. Exhibitors heating food will need to provide their own Class ABC fire extinguisher. Exhibitors frying food will need to provide their own Class K fire extinguisher in addition to a Class ABC fire extinguisher.

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Please send total payment:
1. via PayPal to account: LowcountryVegFest@gmail.comhttps://www.paypal.com, click SEND
2. mail a check made out to Carla Golden, 19 Shelter Cove Lane, Suite 104, Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928
3. call Carla Golden at (843)816-6179 with credit card

Your application will be reviewed and matched with your payment. You will receive a confirmation email and/or phone call. If we have any questions about your application, we will contact you.

If your application is denied based on nonvegan compliance, your fees will be refunded. Otherwise fees are not refundable due to foul weather, personal dissatisfaction of event, your inability to keep the event date, or other factors not in the realm of control by the Lowcountry VegFest Planning Committee. By submitting this application & payment you agree that you will not hold the LCVF18 Planning Committee, the Palmetto Plant Eaters Club, or any committee or club individual responsible for you, your people, your equipment, your food, or your cash on hand in relation to this event. We are committed to making LCVF18 a fantastic experience for you and our community. Please contact Carla Golden at carlagolden@hargray.com or (843) 816-6179 with any questions before committing your application and or payment of fees. The event will take place rain or shine.

Also, by taking part in LCVF18 you agree that you, your business, your booth, and your food/merchandise are willingly subject to photographs by the committee or photographer hired by the committee for future marketing purposes and/or by local media.

Carla Golden is the Director of the LCVF18 Planning Committee and Lead Facilitator of the Palmetto Plant Eaters Club which is hosting Lowcountry VegFest 2018. Contact her at carlagolden@hargray.com or (843) 816-6179.

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