Erie 1 BOCES SLS Annual Membership Survey
The Erie 1 BOCES School Library System [SLS] is a network of librarians and library staff who enable students to become life long learners through the vision, leadership and services provided to the school community. The SLS Services Team is dedicated and driven to facilitate access to quality information resources, share resources and ideas and develop professional expertise to support the academic achievement and life long learning skills of students in our region.

Please take a moment to complete the survey below to share with us your experience with the SLS. Your feedback is highly valued and will be used as a reflective tool for the SLS Services Team to address the needs and concerns of the membership.

~~~~~Thank you very much for your time and feedback~~~~~

In general, what grade level do you work with? [Please check all that apply] *
How many schools buildings do you serve as the librarian?
Please answer the following question about staffing, program and instruction: [Please check if your answer is yes]
In general, what is the total student population that you serve?
Have you had to eliminate any of the following services due to reduction of support staff or time? [Please check all that apply]
Please describe the level of library funding:
Do you actively participate in interlibrary loaning [ILL] thru the union catalog? *
Do you regularly report the following statistics to your building or district administration or BOE: [Please check all that apply]
Have you attended any Erie 1 SLS hosted professional learning opportunities this year? [This includes on-site at Erie 1 Education Campus or any webinar trainings]
Does your district or school order online database subscriptions thru the SLS Office? *
If you answered yes to the question above, please rate your experience. *
Do you feel that the SLS Services Team provides the services, resources and assistance you need to perform your role at the district/school? *
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Does your district participate in the Library Automation CoSer? *
If you answered yes to the question above and would like to provide additional feedback, please use the space below.
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Please use the space below to share any additional thoughts and /or concerns in general for the Erie 1 Library Services Team.
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