RFSH 2018 Feedback
Your feedback is important to us as we continue to learn, grow, and work to be the best Renaissance Faire we can be. If you attended the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow in 2018 please fill out the form below.
Was this your first time attending the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow? *
If yes, how did you hear about us?
If you have been to our Faire before, please select any of the following promotions that you saw leading up to the event.
Which weekends did you attend?
Please select the stage acts that you saw perform.
Any feedback or thoughts in regard to the stage performers you saw? Anyone you absolutely loved? Or didn't? Thoughts for improvements.
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Please select any encampments that you visited.
What did you think of the encampments you visited?
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What did you think of our lane presence? Our village characters are always working hard to make the village feel magical and bustling and would love to hear your feedback.
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Our village is filled with vendors some new and some tried and true. How did you feel about the variety of wares? Is there anything you would really like to see added?
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Overall, how would you rate your experience at the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow? *
Anything you feel we could improve?
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Anything you just LOVED?
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