S I T T Y Writing Internship
Literature analysis and process of thought is an integral part of an education and expansion of knowledge. Through experience, exposure, internships, and experiential learning, this writing internship provides participants the opportunity to experience the global culture, politics, and methods by writing and journaling.

This internship is to promote an intellective global atmosphere and to challenge students to study, explore and engage with other cultures, and people while broadening their perspective and involvement in the world.

With this program, participants must be willing to explore with proven knowledge and experience. The purpose is to stimulate thought and provoke individuals to become creative writers.

Internship Description:
Participants will work directly with a team in the creation and implementation of creative writing strategies. Interns will be given a topic of discussion and required to further elaborate through writing and journaling. Interns will also work directly with a team in the creation and implementation of strategic digital communications efforts (e.g. website and digital ad copy, web and social media content strategy—posts, photos, articles).

Earn experience and hone writing skills.
Develop an understanding of the exploration of education through composition.      

Qualifications Required:
Qualified applicants must be individuals with a strong interest in writing.
Willingness to participate in a writing experience within multiple worlds.
Familiarity and enthusiasm for social media platforms.
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