National Puppet Slam 2019 Application
If a question does not apply to your piece please write "none or NA".
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this is the address where the travel grant money will be sent.
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Puppet Slam Piece Details
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Set-up time required: *
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Do you require stage hands for your set-up? *
Break down time required: *
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Technical Needs
All technical needs must be specified in this document. You must be specific. Please do not assume that the venue can provide things because you assume they have them.
Scenic Needs: *
(ie. table(s), table clothe(s), chair(s), playboard, marionette risers, etc)
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Lighting/Electrical Needs: *
(ie. Overhead projector, extension cables, clip lights, etc)
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Sound Needs: *
(ie. mics, how many, what kind, cd playback, ipod playback, etc)
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Other Needs: *
(ie. My show requires cleanup of liquids, confetti, I will need something refrigerated, etc)
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Requirements for Review:
(Video of piece is required for application)
Link to video of piece online: *
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Password for video if required
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You can also mail a hard copy of your video for review to the following address.
Center for Puppetry Arts
ATTN: Beau Brown
1404 Spring St NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
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