N&B Project Management Course
Nuts and Bolts (N&B) is a mentoring group committed to improving the quality of Engineering and Science graduates, coming through the academic system in Nigeria. We have a wide range of mentors who are attached one on one with undergraduate students in Nigerian universities. These undergraduate students use their period of mentoring to learn from the experiences of their mentors. Majority of our mentors passed through the Nigerian academic system and hence understand the challenges faced by the students and are in a good position to give valuable advice. In addition, majority of our mentors have gathered experience in the industry both within and outside Nigeria. It is thus a great opportunity for the mentees to tap from diverse experiences.

This program is open to the undergraduate students of Engineering, University of Lagos. It is a 5 weeks online tutorial class on project management. There would be a live video chat with the tutor, course wares would also be available to facilitate learning.

more details about this program could be found in N&B official page

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