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Many professionals of color across industry regularly experience racial microaggressions at work: being called “too aggressive” for simply asking a question in a meeting, hearing yet another comment about your hairstyle, feeling like your contributions are overlooked or being promoted on a slower schedule than your white peers. Racial microaggressions also show up in marketing and communication products: advertising, email marketing campaigns, websites, and more.

Too many of us know the damage racial microaggressions can cause. Too many of our white colleagues do not know what to do.

Join speaker and equity advocate Jodi-Ann Burey for an interactive course that examines racial microaggressions at work and how we can recognize, respond and most importantly, create workplace cultures that push racial microaggressions out of the norm.

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The "Strategies for Navigating Racial Microaggressions at Work" People of color (POC) centered module focuses on key strategies people of color can use to navigate experiences of racism and racial microaggressions at work. The Allies Module focuses on how to recognize and prevent racial microaggressions and how to navigate professional relationships if they've been called out or "call in" about their behaviors. The full module includes the essentials of both perspectives, but not the full content of each.
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