AMPLE! Coin Premium Saleへの参加申請
AMPLE!は10月28日(土)12:00(JST)より、一般の方向けのクラウドセールに先駆けて、審査に通過した限られた投資家の方向けに(1ACO = 10円相当の仮想通貨)で購入頂けるプレミアムセールを行います。なお、最低購入枚数は「1,000,000ACO」となります。

・使用可能通貨: BTC, ETH
 1,000,000ACO = 303.03030ETH
1,000,000ACO = 14.8516BTC
・プレミアムセール申し込み期間は10月28日(土)12:00(JST)〜11/4 11:59(JST)です。この期間に申請フォームから申請頂いた方のみを対象に審査を行います。

AMPLE! is holding its first ever crowdsale for the general public starting at 12:00 (JST), October 28th (Sat). For this premium sale, investors who pass a review will be eligible to purchase AMPLE! coins (1ACO = 10JPY in virtual currency). The minimum purchase will be 1,000,000ACO.

・Tradable currencies: BTC, ETH
・Sale price (conversion rate as of 10/28)
 1,000,000ACO = 303.03030ETH
1,000,000ACO = 14.8516BTC
・During this premium sale, we plan to issue a total of approximately 10,000,000ACO. Please understand that we may sell out during the sale period.
・The premium sale will be administered using a special scheme.
・Participation in this sale will be subject to a review system, so some individuals may not be able to participate. Thank you for your understanding.
・Fill out the form on our official ICO landing page ( Please note that our site administrator will not make the URL for this Google Forms application public via SNS, etc.
・Communication from our management will be sent from the e-mail address. Please be cautious of any communication you receive from a different e-mail address, as it is not affiliated with AMPLE!
・The application period for this premium sale is 12:00 (JST) 10/28 (Sat) ~ 11:59 (JST) 11/4. Reviews will only be conducted of individuals who apply using the official request form during the sale period.
・Once we have received your form, you will receive future communications from
・For all other inquiries, please contact us at

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プレミアムセール参加者の最低購入枚数は1,000,000ACOとなります。それ以下の枚数の購入については、2017年11月11日12:00〜開催予定のプレセールにてご参加ください。The minimum purchase will be 1,000,000ACO.
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