Fleece to Scarf at SVFF
Fleece to Scarf Competition, Sunday Morning - 9 AM

Have you ever pondered entering a Sheep to Shawl Competition but thought the task too daunting?? Here is your chance to try your talents on a smaller scale!!!!

This competition is designed to give everyone a taste of a Sheep to Shawl without the shearing and in a shorter time frame! A team of one weaver and two spinners is all you need! Select a fleece of sheep’s wool, alpaca, llama, bunny, goat, or any natural animal fiber will do!

Be creative and develop a theme for your team and design. Then select a team name and coordinate a sign and costumes! All will give you added points with the judges!

It is a good idea to design your scarf, then practice, practice, practice! You can wash your fleece but the lock structure should still be intact and visible. See our website (www.svfiberfest.com) for complete specifications and judging criteria.

Have your team practice the steps involved, hand card or comb the fleece, spin an even and consistent single yarn or even add in the additional step of plying if you have time, weave your design using the handspun and maintain a consistent beat, complete your scarf with a nice finishing technique, and see if you can get it completed in 2 ½ hours!

Jr. Teams are encouraged. Weaver and spinners must be under the age of 18.

This competition will be limited to 8 teams. Acceptance is first come, first served, all registrations will be acknowledged.

Please be sure to read through the specifications and judging points system. Should you have any questions, contact svffevents@gmail.com
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