Alfalfa Weevil Field History
This survey will only take a few minutes to complete, and the outcome could drastically improve our chances of controlling pesticide resistance in alfalfa weevils. Please answer your most recent field history. (2014-2016)
Even If you are not having trouble controlling Alfalfa Weevils, it will help to establish a perimeter for the affected area.
*NOTE A weak internet connection can cause the survey to stop working. If this happens, please find a stronger connection and try again.
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Are you having trouble controlling Alfalfa Weevils in any of your fields?
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Affected Fields
Approximately where are the problem fields located?
Exact field locations (** Sec-Twp-Rge-W*)
Clean Fields
This section is designed to help establish a perimeter of the affected area. Fields that are in or near the the Rosemary/Duchess area, where you don't seem to have a problem controlling Alfalfa Weevils
Do you have any "Clean" fields that not having alfalfa weevil problems?
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Approximately where are the "CLEAN" fields located?
Exact field locations (** Sec-Twp-Rge-W*)
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