Language Learner Autonomy Research Repository - Form for Contributors
Complete the following parts to submit your research instruments/tools and raw data.
1. Author's Information
a. Salutation *
b. Author's name (last name) *
c. Author's name (first name) *
d. Author's affiliation *
e. Author's email address *
f. Please indicate if the research materials to be submitted originate from a single-authored or co-authored work. *
g. If you select 'co-authored' in item 1f, please include the name(s) of the co-author(s) (salutation, last name, first name).
h. If you select 'co-authored' in item 1f, please indicate that your co-author(s) has given consent to you to submit the research materials.
2. Type of Research Materials & Raw Data
Below is a list of research materials commonly used to conduct language learner autonomy studies. Select the type(s) of research materials you intend to submit. If you think your materials do not fall into any of the items in the list, select "others" and input the type of research materials and raw data you want to submit.
a. Select from the list the type(s) of research materials you intend to submit to the repository. *
b. If you select 'Others' in item 2a, please indicate the type of research material(s) you intend to submit.
c. Please acknowledge researcher(s) who developed earlier versions of the materials. *
d. Please acknowledge other sources used to develop the material. *
e. Select from the list the type(s) of raw data you intend to submit to the repository. *
f. If you select 'Others' in item 2e, please indicate the type of raw data you intend to submit.
3. Participant Information
a. First language of participants *
b. Language being learnt *
4. Publication Type
a. Select the form of publication of your research project *
5. Licence Selection
Please indicate how you would want others to use and acknowledge the materials you are uploading. Choose the type of Creative Commons licence agreement you prefer. There are two types of Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial and Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike .

Others downloading your material:
-are free to copy, distribute and display the work
-are free to adapt and build upon the work
-may not use the work for commercial purposes
-must give the original author credit
-any derivatives (adaptations of the work) must be non-commercial, but can be licensed on alternative terms

Others downloading your material must adhere to the same conditions as the Attribution-NonCommercial Licence above. Additionally, any derivatives must be distributed under the same type of license (i.e., ShareAlike).

Select the type of Creative Commons licence agreement you prefer *
6. Terms and Conditions
1. The research team is not held responsible for copyright permissions of the research tools/instruments which you have uploaded. We reserve the right to remove any material on the repository which is found to be in breach of copyright.
2. The research team is not held responsible for any subsequent use of the research tools/instruments/data which you have uploaded.
3. You agree and guarantee that the research tools/instruments/data you provide or upload is original to you and does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any other person. If the copyright is owned by a third party, you have obtained any necessary consents to provide such content to the research team.
4. It is the contributors' responsibility to inform the research team of any challenge to your ownership of the copyright of the research tools/instruments which you have uploaded. Requests of removal of research tools/instruments should be sent to We will attempt to respond to to your request within 10 business days.
5. If the research tools/instruments/data originate from studies conducted by one or more researcher other than yourself, you have correctly attributed all co-authors and have their consent to provide such content.
6. By submitting the research tools/instruments/data, you agree to provide the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE), Kanda University of International Studies a non-exclusive, perpetual licence to provide the content on the digital repository, and that RILAE will have the right to use, conduct research on, and promote such content (and authorise others to do so) as it sees fit.
7. You retain all ownership rights and have the right to use your research tools/instruments/data in your own way. Nevertheless, RILAE and other users of the digital repository will be able to use the content under the Creative Commons license agreement.
8. In the case of raw data, you have removed any identifier from the data in order to protect the identity of the participants and uphold the confidentiality clause in the written consent form.
a. Acceptance of your research materials submitted is subject to your agreement with the above terms and conditions. Please confirm that you have read and agree to the terms. *
7. File(s) Upload
a. Research tool/instrument *
b. Raw data *
c. Written description of research materials *
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