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For suggesting internship opportunities and workshops for you, vamrr™ needs to know what skills, knowledge, experience you possess.
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Object Oriented Programming
Unity / Unreal Engine / Stingray
3D Creation
360 Photography
Mobile App Development
UI UX Design
Film Making
Technical Writing
Event Management
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vamrr™ offers students, the opportunity to get exposure to the latest in VR AR MR through its vamrr internships. It also offers students the opportunity to intern with various studios across the ecosystem. Let's understand what are the areas in which you can contribute your skills.
Have you experienced Virtual or Mixed Reality? On what platform?
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What are the most valuable knowledge resources online, that you frequently access and what subjects / technologies do they focus on?
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vamrr™ works with Industry experts & practicing professionals from India and Internationally to build its workshops, programs and courses. We'd like to know the kind of duration and length of courses you prefer.
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