All The Info - Bow September 28th
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Are you part of an existing affinity group? If so, which one?
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Are you planning on direct action or going to the rally? *
When are you arriving? Note: you are welcome to join us Friday evening between 5 and 6pm, regardless of what role you will play on Saturday. *
If you are not planning on taking direct action, can you stay late on Saturday to offer support?
If you are coming on Friday, do you need a place to stay?
Most people are sleeping on church floors Friday night, do you need placed in other solidarity housing (with a bed or couch for you to sleep on) in the Concord area?
We'll be providing a vegetarian breakfast and snacks. Please let us know if you need a vegan or gluten free option. If you have other dietary restrictions, please plan on meeting your own needs.
If you're arriving Friday and you plan on bringing a potluck dish - could you tell us what it is?
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Are you bringing any signs or banners? (We welcome Climate signs, signs that identify your group/organization, and any signs you make with messaging - see the FAQ at that site for ideas)
Do you need child care?
We need volunteers! Can you help with one of the following?
What gifts are you bringing that aren't in the above list that we should know about?
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