Global Student Voice Permission to Use/Post Student Work Online
Dear Parent/Guardian:
This form grants/denies permission to post your child’s Global Student Voice project onto the Global Student Voice website and on the Global Student Voice twitter @GlobalSVoice. The primary focus of Global Student Voice is to help students be aware of some of the current global issues in the world and to give them a choice and voice in how they present their learning or call to action. Students’ work is to give other students, teachers, and community members a glimpse at where our world needs help and how they as students could play an important role. Only your child’s work will be posted, along with a the title they select for the piece. No student names or faces will be displayed. Student voices may be heard in videos, etc.

Your child’s name and photo may be shared if they are chosen as a winner unless you desire them not to be.

Please be sure to complete all sections to grant permission or denial to allow your child to participate in this unique classroom experience.

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