ICPC Child Protection Policy
Definitions (For the purpose of this statement only):
Child abuse means any form of intentional or negligent infliction of injury to the detriment of a child’s physical or mental well being.
Sexual misconduct abuse means any form of sexual conduct that is unlawful.
Cooperative members mean any member as defined in the bylaws or standing rules or agent of any member.
Teacher means any person employed by the cooperative.
Cooperative means I.C.P.C. member cooperative preschools

Statement of Purpose:
Each ICPC member preschool has numerous daily contacts with children. It is, therefore important that all cooperative members, but especially teachers and participating parents who are responsible for the care of children, protect the rights and dignity of children and be alert to incidents of child abuse. Cooperative members who know of or suspect any incident of child abuse must comply with all applicable reporting or other requirements of state and local laws.The cooperative takes immediate and decisive action on all accusations of child abuse or sexual misconduct in accordance with the applicable provisions of law.
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