IH CC&H Working Group Survey 2019

Greetings from the leadership team of International Health Climate Change and Health Working Group.

Our IH CC&H WG has been very active in 2018 developing our website, starting an Instagram account, identifying curated climate change resources and job opportunities and distributing them to IH members. Our WG has represented international climate change needs in the Environment section, the Topic Committee, the US Alliance on Climate Change and others.

To further expand our IHCC&H WG network, we developed this brief survey to ask about your interests and needs. The survey should take only 5-7 minutes – we will collate the results, report results out to you and use it as a base for refining next year’s Strategic Plan.

Please be an active member the IH CC&H Working Group – Take the survey ASAP.

Our thanks in advance,

Rose Schneider – Chair IH CC&H WG
Ray Martin- Co-chair IH CC&H WG
Kristi Ray - Co-chair, Strategic Communication
Sara Hendrix - Co-chair, Strategic Communication
Lauren Hisatomi Media and Communications Relations Intern

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Number of years of interest and/or work in climate change *
Are you currently working, or have you worked around advocacy for climate change? Please describe. *
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Are you working, or have you worked in health programs related to climate change? Please describe. *
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What tools, materials, or lessons learned have you used in your work related to climate change? *
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What research, tools, or other resources would you like to see shared next year among the IH CC&H WG? *
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What climate change focus would you like IH CC&H WG to take next year? This can be a geographical region, topic, cause, etc. *
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Would you be interested in sharing a brief bio sharing your background and passion to the field to be displayed on our website, media platforms? If so, please share your e-mail address. *
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