Toll Customer Owned Raw Material (CRM) Advanced Shipment Notice Form
For Dimachem Toll Manufacturing Customers to provide required pre-notification of CRM materials being shipped to Dimachem/Chemfil. This allows us to safely receive your CRM in accordance with our ISO and safety systems.
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Chemical Name (Note: this must be the same name as is on on the material packaging and the SDS) *
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Please confirm that the SDS has been sent for review and you have received approval to ship (ie the material has been approved for the facility by regulatory & health and safety). *
Supplier/Shipper Name *
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Quantity (please state units (Kg or Lbs)) *
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Expected Date
Material is packaged in (Bags? Drums? Totes, Super-sacs?)
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Any Special Instructions or Handling?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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