The 16th Where Land Meets Sea Retreat in Åsa, Sweden, 23- 25 August, 2019, "Times of Change"

Peace be upon you, and the Mercy and Blessings of God!

Det Yttersta Trädet Idéell Förening - Sidratul Muntaha welcomes you all to our 16th ‘Where Land Meets Sea’ spiritual retreat on the beautiful west coast of Sweden!

Listen to inspiring talks, take part in communal prayers and dhikr sessions
and enjoy the company of spiritual teachers and fellow seekers,
all while immersing yourself in a rejuvenating spiritual and natural environment.
As always, the retreat is open to all – brothers and sisters, young and old,
new seekers and seasoned travellers on the spiritual path.
irrespective of what formal school or 'tariqa' you belong to.
Especially we would like to welcome sincere seekers from other religions.
We seek to meet in a spirit of openness, compassion, adab (courtesy) and understanding.
Our hope, God willing, is for this to be a time in which our relative, transient and limited self (nafs)
aligns itself harmoniously with the absolute and unbounded soul (ruh).

Workshop Leaders and Speakers:
Dr Aliyah B. Haeri, South Africa
Shaykh Mohammad Muslim Eneborg, Sweden
Hajja Yaquta Esther Morton, Sweden
Sister Anwahr Athahb, Sweden
Brother Yusuf Muslim Eneborg

A link to short video clip from an eralier retreat:

The theme for the retreat is "Times of Change".

Dr Aliyah B. Haeri will over the three days give workshops on self-knowledge and inner transformation. The titles of her workshops:
Friday 20.00: "Dreams as Spiritual Guide: Finding the message in your dream and interpreting it correctly.."
Saturday 12:15: "Witnessing Perfection: Clearing shadow to see with clear sight."
Saturday 15:00: 1-hour Counselling Session - "Witnessing Perfection.""
Saturday 18:30: "Sura al Fatiha: The power of the Qur’an to Cure: Four real life cases."
Sunday 11:00: "Life, after Awakening: Purpose, Love and Meaning, and the Making of a Global Muslim Citizen"
For more on her work as an Integral Life Psychologist and Coach, please visit the following page, where you can also book a private session online:

Shaykh Muslim will give talks on our theme "Times of Change", and start each day with a silent dhikr/meditation session;
and in the evenings he will lead us in a vocal dhikr.

Hajja Yaquta Esther Morton will lead us in Qi Gong exercises and give us insights into wholistic health.

Sister Anwahr Athahb will give a workshop for Women: "Change through Empathy and Fogiveness",
as well as a painting workshop for childred aged 7-12 (If the child is younger than 7, one parent has to be present) entitled: "To Get to Know Allah through Art."

Brother Yusuf Muslim Eneborg will give a workshop for brothers on Self Knowledge.

Fee for retreat, adults: 600 SEK; children: 200 SEK

If planning to stay overnight at the conference place, you now have to book your bed yourself directly with 'Kuggaviksgården' at Tel: +46(0)340-65 12 85; E-mail: STF discounted prices are applicable for everyone partcipating at the retreat. There is a limited number of beds available, and they will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. We can not guarantee that you can receive a single or double room. Please note, that the conference place needs to have all bookings at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

For other accommodation in the same village and area, please consult and book with: - please enter search word 'Åsa, Halland' - please enter search word 'Åsa, Sverige'
There are plenty of guesthouses, hotels, private summer houses and apartments available.
Löftadalens Folkhögskola in the same village have a B&B.
Please contact: or 0340-58 18 00 (press 1 for 'short courses and conferences')

Throughout the seven years of these retreats we have welcomed participants from all over Europe as well as America. Low-cost Airlines are flying directly to Gothenburg, facilitating participation from abroad.

We look forward to seeing you at the retreat! You are all most welcome!

Following you will find links to video clips with our main speakers: - Dr Haeri - Shaykh Muslim

We need your formal registration for the retreat! Below you will find further information as well as possibility to register after filling in the answers to some questions regarding your attendance at the retreat. To be able to continue through the given information about the retreat, as well as to register, please click the button "nästa/next" after each section. If you would like to go back to an earlier section, please click the button "bakåt/back".

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