Assessment Questionnaire
Welcome to your Busy Bee Organization and Design, Inc. Assessment. Please complete the following form so we are able to get to know you a little better! Remember that all of your personal information is kept confidential and you will never be judged or criticized. We are bound by the Code of Ethics of NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals).
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Assessment Questions
Do you feel like you are surrounded by too much stuff and you do not want to be?
Are you in the process of moving or downsizing?
If Yes, do you require assistance packing or home staging?
Are you experiencing a transition?
Do you struggle with parting with possessions?
Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about where to start with decluttering and organizing your space?
Do you lack the motivation to declutter and organize?
Do you find that you do not have time to sort, declutter and organize your space?
In your own words briefly describe why you want to get organized? *
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What space do you want to organize? *
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What size is this space? *
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Is there more than one space that you would like to organize? *
If yes to the question above, what space(s) is(are) it(they)? And what size is(are) it(they)?
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What are your personal goals for this space? *
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