C2C Mentor Program - Rookie Coach Sign Up Form
If you're a "Rookie" Head Coach in California, and would like a Mentor Head Coach, please fill out this form.
We define Rookie Head Coach by having 3 or fewer years of being a Head Coach.
Also, Rookie Head Coaches are required to be members in order to be in our Mentor program.
if you are not a member, you can join here: https://www.calcoachesassociation.net/join
Rookies will be partnered with Veterans, and receive email notification.
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Are you a member of the California Coaches Association? (All Rookie coaches who want to be a part of the C2C Mentor Program must be a member of the CCA.) *
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Do you want to be matched with a coach from your CIF Section? If so, please tell us the name of your section. If it doesn't matter to you what CIF Section the Veteran comes from, leave this blank, go to the next question.
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