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This initial interview will help us understand your vision. The more we know about your event, the better we can help you! Don't worry if you don't have all the answers quite yet, fill in what you do know and we can help you with the rest. Don't stress, none of the details you provide on this form are set in stone. We understand things change and ideas evolve; we look forward to guiding you through this process that will result in an epic and custom event just for you.
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How many attendees do you plan to have attend?
We use this information to help us find you the best possible venue for your budget and attendee count.
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How would you like your venue set up?
This information is also used to calculate the size of venue you would need.
Would you like power provided for your attendees?
What type of Venue are you looking for?
The type of event center you chose will make a big difference in the flexibility of the event.
Will you need to book a room block at a hotel?
A room block is a group reservation at a specific hotel. These rooms can be hosted and paid for by you for speakers and staff or simply a link that you give to your attendees to book and pay for their own accommodations.
When looking for a venue, what is your goal?
Do you already have a venue? If yes, where is your venue?
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What is your budget?
This helps us give you ideas that will fit within the budget you would like to spend. If you need help creating a budget we can do that, as well!
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What is your ticket price going to be?
This helps us understand your attendee and what they may expect from attending your event.
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How many days will your event be?
Example: 1-day, 1-day conference & 1 day workshops, 2-days (1 day single track, 1 day multi-track) etc.
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What dates are you interested in holding your event?
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Tell us about your conference:
Tell us a little about your product, and the type of attendees you expect to have attend so we can understand how to cater best to their interests!
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What is your preferred mode of communication?
We love to keep you informed! What is the best way for us to speak with you?
In what areas would you like our help?
Zero Slope Events has a wide range of help we can provide. Please check all the things you would be interested in using our help. Once we see what you are interested in, we can discuss with you further how we can make planning your event with you run smoothly!
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