Kove Market Research Survey
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Do you currently have home or renters insurance?
If so, who do you have insurance with?
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How did you research insurance companies before buying?
How many insurance companies did you get a quote from?
How did you buy your insurance?
Have you ever had to file a claim?
Was the process for filing a claim easy or difficult?
If it was difficult, why?
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If you had to file a claim, what would your preferred approach to file a claim be?
How comfortable are you with your understanding of your insurance policy?
How did you estimate your personal contents coverage?
When was the last time you talked to your insurance agent?
What would be the most helpful or useful thing to get from your insurance company?
If there was one thing to change about your insurance carrier, what would it be?
Would you by insurance from an online insurance company that offers instant online policies (no agent needed), helpful advice to get you better coverage, and cash back for being claim free?
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