MomsTO Wine Festival Presenter and entertainer Application 2018
Thank you for applying to become a presenter/entertainer for the 2018 wine festival. We are expecting 650+ mommies to attend with babies in tow! Remember, we are in the business of giving moms a great day and a portion of all proceeds from the event will go directly towards the New Mom Project.

We will have 20 minute presentation slots available all day from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and those that are invited to take part will be will be based on a selection committee.

We are looking for a wide variety of topics from a diverse group of experts and professionals. If you are an individual, the speakers fee is $100, and if you apart of a small company, the speakers fee is $250. If you are applying on behalf of a future 500 or large corporation, speaking fees start at $1,000 and include on site activation with your brand and or company.

Thank you.

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