UVP 2019 Internship Application (for Non-Ugandan Applicants)
Note: This application is for NON-UGANDAN APPLICANTS. If you are a Ugandan applicant, please go to the Ugandan intern application here: http://www.ugandavillageproject.org/get-involved/summer-internships/ugandan/.

Uganda Village Project (UVP) is currently accepting applications for the 2019 internship program. Interns will spend 8-9 weeks working with rural communities in Uganda to help implement sanitation, nutrition, and/or public health monitoring and evaluation activities in communities involved in our Healthy Villages program. Please visit our Healthy Villages section to read more about this program and how it is changing the lives of the rural poor in Iganga District.

Program Dates:
-- Team Leaders: 9 June 2019 -11 August 2019 (8.5 weeks)
-- Team Members: 12 June 2019 -11 August 2019 (8 weeks)

Application Deadline: 1 February 2019

Fundraising Requirement:
-- $2250 USD (regular applications)
Deposit: $500 USD refundable upon completion of the internship program

UVP is committed to a diverse internship cohort and offer a special discount to applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations. Learn more here: http://www.ugandavillageproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Diversity-Inclusion-Discount-Program.pdf


We are currently accepting applications for early acceptance. We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

To submit a complete application:
1) Complete this form in its entirety
2) Complete a resume/CV
3) Complete 5-7* short answer questions

Send your resume/CV and application responses to internships@ugandavillageproject.org with the subject: INTERN APP: (full name).

Please scroll down to the Application Essay section for the short answer questions.

All applicants must answer 5 questions; those interested in the Team Leader position must answer an additional two questions.

Personal Information
Name *
First and Last Name
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Email Address *
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Phone Number *
+XXX - XXX - XXX - XXXX (Note: denote country code first, e.g., +001-234-567-8901)
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Your age on 9 June 2019 *
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Gender *
Citizenship Status *
Please list the country from which you currently hold your passport. If you are Ugandan please do not complete this form. Instead, email staff@ugandavillageproject.org.
Mailing Address *
Street address, City, State/Country, Zip code
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How did you hear about Uganda Village Project? *
If you marked that you heard of us from a friend who was a former intern or volunteer, what was the individual's name and when did he/she work with UVP?
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Logistics Information
Are you available for the entirety of the internship program (9 June or 12 June through 11 August 2019)? *
Please check exam, work, and personal schedules.
Please discuss any health issues that might affect your ability to be safe in rural Uganda.
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Will you be able to fund the application program fee ($2250 USD) if accepted to the internship program? *
All interns are required to pay or fundraise $2250 USD for UVP (tax-deductible), in addition to a deposit of $500 USD. The deposit is refundable upon successful completion of the program. This sum includes group pick-up and drop-off at Entebbe Airport, funds necessary to cover orientation, your room and board while in Uganda and Uganda-based staff costs as well as a donation towards Uganda Village Project’s programs in Uganda and the organization.
Internship Preferences
Are you interested in the Co-Team Leader position? *
Each intern team is headed by one international Team Administration Leader and one Ugandan Team Implementation Leader. Team leaders will be responsible for co-leading a multinational team made up of graduate and undergraduate students and professionals. If you are marking Yes, please make sure you are able to be in Uganda from 6 June - 11 August 2019. Those who mark Yes should add questions 6 and questions 7 to their application essay.
Rank the intern teams either 1 or 2, with 1 being your first preference. *
Interns are ultimately placed based off both intern preferences and needs of UVP programs. Learn about the teams here: bit.ly/JOrlBK
Rank 1
Rank 2
Launch Team
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Follow Up team
Educational Background
Which best describes your educational background? *
Undergraduate Institution *
List more than one, if applicable.
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Graduation Year from Undergraduate Institution *
List expected year, if applicable.
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Area of Study (Major/Minor) *
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Graduate Institution(s) (if applicable)
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Graduation Year from Graduate Institution
List expected year, if applicable.
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Degree Type
e.g., MPH, MPP, MPA, MD, PhD
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Area of Study (Major/Minor)
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CV/Resume and Essay Questions

To complete the application, please email a CV/resume and answers to your essay questions together to internships@ugandavillageproject.org by 1 February 2019. We will review all applications on a rolling basis to accept highly qualified early applicants. Please put the subject as "INTERN APP: (your first and last name here)"

Please name the documents in the following way:


* For "SCHOOLNAME" please write the most recent university, college, or school that you attended.


Please prepare and send us your most recent CV/resume (no more than 2 pages). Where relevant, please highlight:

* International development and global health experiences
* Community health, public health, and medical/clinical experiences and training
* Leadership experiences
* Volunteer experiences
* Language proficiency
* Experience traveling in low-resource settings

Please name your document using the format explained above.

Application Questions

The essay questions you will be required to answer are included below. Each essay should be no longer than 200 words.

1) Why do you want to work with Uganda Village Project?

2) What do you hope to gain from working with UVP and/or how will this benefit or inform your future endeavors?

3) What skills or experiences do you have that qualify you for this internship? (e.g., academic background, profession, previous volunteer/work experiences, developing country experiences, or experiences in low resource environments)

4) Living in rural Uganda and working with individuals from different countries and backgrounds is often very different from what most interns are accustomed to. What is your experience with cultures other than your own (travel, volunteer work, etc.)? How are you prepared to deal with difficult situations due to cultural differences?

5) Two parts:
a) Which “team” interests you most? Why?
b) How do you see yourself fitting in on a team? What role do you usually take?

If you are interested in the INTERNATIONAL CO-TEAM LEADER role, please answer the following two questions (responses no longer than 200 words):

6) Why are you interested in being a co-team leader? Explain any past leadership experiences and how they will help you if you are selected.

7) What qualities do you think are essential for a team leader to demonstrate in an international setting? How would you deal with any conflicts in your team? Please detail an experience in which you demonstrated conflict mediation in a team environment. What did you learn?

Signing and Completion
Checklist for application submission.

Have you:
-- Checked your schedule and calendar to ensure availability for program dates?
-- Reviewed the requirements and specifics of the project?
-- Read our website's Frequently Asked Questions section if you have questions?
-- Attached both your application and resume or CV to an email to internships@ugandavillageproject.org with the subject "INTERN APP: first and last name"

Please read the following then sign your full name. Typing your full name indicates that you understand the below statement. *
I understand that after my application is submitted, a member of UVP may call me to discuss this application. I also understand that if I am accepted, I will be required to sign a waiver, code of conduct, and to send a non-refundable check for the program fee ($2250 USD) and the refundable deposit ($500) by dates that will be listed in my acceptance letter to UVP to commit myself to attending the program. I understand that my program fee will cover room and board and transportation while I am on the project, but meals at restaurants, hotel stays, transportation to non-project-related destinations, and other costs of tourism will not be included. I understand that Uganda Village Project is willing to assist me in fundraising, if I wish to raise my program fee through this means, by sending me digital copies of brochures, pictures, videos, etc. I understand, however, that responsibility for raising the total amount is mine, and the figure is not negotiable.
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