Keep On Swingin!
Jazz Inc is founded by Sinclair Ang, who has over 2 decades of authentic jazz dance experience, including teaching in over 20 countries around the world in the last decade and a half. He is a full time artist, championing the jazz arts, including the music, and leads his dance band, The Rhythmakers, who play mainly for Lindy Hoppers, and also give demo-lectures on the history and evolution of both the dance and the music, both to adults, as well as youths and kids alike.

Part of his research and expansion of the art forms also include the Freedom Jazz Dance Project, where he works with contemporary street dancers to create performances that cross dance genres, as well as research projects under The Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay, documenting Singapore's jazz scene.

You can learn more about him, Jazz Inc, and The Rhythmakers at:
Instagram @jazzincsg

Thank you for deciding to contribute to keep the work that I do of promoting jazz dances, music, history, and culture going!

You can make a donation for the free projects I am doing, like An Apple a Day on Instagram - learning a Big Apple Contest Routine step each day will World Lindy Hop Day on 26th April, posted in stories, and in the event page on the Facebook page, and the Listening and Dance Party happening on 25th April, 8pm (GMT+8)

Alternatively, you can learn online from my video resources, which include Solo Jazz Fundamentals and Frankie Doo routine, as well as a Charleston Routine by one of my teachers, who will also benefit from your contribution should you decide to take her course. Details here:

Swing by! And keep on swingin!

Please leave your NAME and EMAIL/MOBILE NUMBER so that I can thank you for contributing to the development of my work to promote the jazz arts
If you'd like to leave a message, e.g. if you'd like to see a particular program or class or anything, or if you'd like a private (group/solo) class, please write here, and I'll do my best to accommodate
You may credit your donation to 128-13161-2 POSB Savings or Paylah 96258665 or if you're outside of Singapore, you can transfer to - do email or message 96258665 to let me know of your donation, so that I may thank you.
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