LLIFS: Strange and Unusual
In this new series, readers will be sharing their own encounters with anomalous phenomena.  Share your spooky experiences which will be published in this new series.  It can be related to anything in the paranormal and be as short or as long as you like!  Ghostly encounters, a glitch in the matrix, time slips,  ET experiences,  UAP/UFO sightings,  Yowies & Cryptids, psychic phenomena or just something that happened to you that you think is a bit weird!  

Submit your story in your own words below.  Stories will be selected to be published on llifs.com.au and published exactly as submitted.  If you wish to have your name/group published please include it at the bottom of your submission, otherwise you may remain anonymous. If you would like to send a more detailed submission, send it to sarah@llifs.com.au

Stay Spooky 
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