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Artist Alley thanks you for your interest in our Artist Alley for Anime Detour. Please be aware we get roughly four times the number of submissions than tables we can provide each year. We do our best to select from a diversified amount of artists of various styles, genres, mediums, and talent levels. This means we may not accept only the top talent but we feel it is very important to have not only a wide variety of artwork but to also give new artists a chance to grow and promote themselves. Not everyone's tastes in artwork are the same, so we do our best to accommodate as much as we can. However please note the decisions of acceptance into Artist Alley are at the discretion of the staff of Artist Alley. Artist Alley is as much for the artists as it is for our thousands of guests we get each year. We are always open to specific suggestions to make this process better any and all suggestions for improving our process or general questions please send to (

Please do yourself a favor and answer each question as helpfully as possible. We get a large number of entries each year and many of them have e-mail addresses that bounce, URLs that do not resolve, and answers that do not help us understand why we should select you (i.e.: Describe your artwork? -- "OMG I love Artist Alley and my items always go over well, please pick me!"). Please be as detailed as possible about each question.
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Please double check address, we get a fair amount each year of typo'd e-mail addresses.
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Additional Contacts
Note we generally only communicate with Host listed above. Additional contacts are just to give us a backup means (ie: we can't reach you). Please ensure any important communications get distributed to your entire group
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Number of Artists/Helpers in Group *
Please note each artist needs to have a badge. Our selection time tables are setup in such a way as to be able to notify the host they are accepted so they have enough time to register all their participants. We do not offer discounts on badges for Artist Alley members.
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Description of Artwork to be sold at Artist Alley (styles, genres, additional specifics) *
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What mediums will you be selling? *
What medium most represents what you will be selling? *
We understand your artwork likely isn't limited to just this type, however please select the one that will be most prominent
Have you applied to Anime Detour Artist Alley in the past 3 years? *
Have you been accepted into Anime Detour's Artist Alley before? *
How many times have you been accepted into Anime Detour's Artist Alley before (approximately) in the last 5 years? *
New Artist *
Do you consider yourself a new/starting artist? No-one in group has been selling at Artist Alleys/Shows longer than 2 years.
Please re-enter your Host's e-mail address from above *
We actually get a fair chunk of invalid e-mails so please double check it's entered correctly
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Please describe the genre of artwork you have (if any)
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Is your base of operations within Minnesota or a bordering state? *
Part of our mission is to ensure we help local artists and community so we want to ensure we get several local artists
Do you require a power outlet? *
We have a limited number of spots that have access to power outlets, as a result we may not be able to an outlet to everyone. Anime Detour does not provide extension cords, power splitters, or Graffers Tape. A power outlet may need to be shared among tables so ensure you bring your own if you require power.
Please provide a url or two to images of your artwork
Please provide a few urls of artwork you plan to be selling. If you have an image of a previous setup similar to what you will do at Detour this is beneficial as well so we can better diversify the alley.
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Additional information you'd like us to know when evaluating our selection
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General Disclaimer *
Anime Detour (Anime Twin Cities, Inc.) does not condone violation of copyrighted/trademarked work, and cannot provide legal advice in this matter. It is up to you to understand what is permissible for sale under current laws. You agree to be responsible for any issues that arise from items you sell. I also understand the staff of Anime Detour has the right to revoke my ability to sell within the Artist Alley with no refund at their discretion. I hereby have read and understood the policies on this page:
Proxy Selling Disclaimer *
In order to foster a better relationship between artists and fans, Anime Detour Artist Alley does not allow Proxy Selling. Proxy Selling is when you will not be present to sell your art work and instead send a representative to sell. Please be aware, we do allow helpers to assist in running your table from time to time since we know artists need breaks. We also allow groups of artists to share tables and sell each other's work, but said artist should be at a table for a fair amount of time.
Table Positioning Disclaimer *
Artist Alley this year will be likely be moving towards an assigned table layout. Table layout will be assigned based on a variety of factors that may include but not limited to: Medium, Style, Genre, Payment Time, Quality, Random, and Requested seating.
Table Positioning Request - 1 *
What location do you prefer? Please rank. We make no guarentees we can assist in any requests.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Slightly Against
Really Against
Back Against Wall (vs Against artist)
Back Against Artist (vs Against wall)
End or Row (either end)
Front (towards Art Show)
Back (farthest away from Art Show)
Middle (in relationship to Art Show)
Table Positioning Request - 2
Any particular requests not already covered? (ie: Is there another artist if accepted you request to be next to?) We make no guarantees we can assist in any requests
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Hours Disclaimer *
Please be aware of the Artist Alley Hours, we want a full experience for our artists and guests. We understand you may need to leave your table unattended or might miss opening times due to many reasons. We do ask you try to have your table occupied during the majority of the open hours as possible. Leaving your table unoccupied for large stretches, or abandoned may at the discretion of the Artist Alley staff limit your chances the following year, or in rare cases may impact your ability to sell the current year. We generally will only enact this in cases of repeated or very long periods of in inoccupancy.
Table Layout Disclaimer *
To ensure everyone has about the same space and to ensure we get enough artists in the alley as we can, we do enforce table boundaries. The table is roughly 6'X30". Space is provided for up to 2 people behind the table. We limit the number of people behind the table to 2 at a time. We cannot allow the table to be moved/removed (rare exceptions are allowed, please select appropriate option and discuss in comments field at bottom of survey). Space is limited behind the table. Behind the table is often shared with the table behind you or against a wall. Please contact Artist Alley Staff for more details.
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